Mergers and Acquisitions

The objective of an M&A course is to provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the M&A process, enabling them to make informed decisions, identify potential risks and opportunities, and execute successful M&A transactions.

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7:00 pm - 1 Aug, 2023

Workshop Essentials

This workshop focuses on understanding financial analysis, modeling, and valuation techniques in the context of M&A deals and complex organizational structures.

Participants can expect to learn about the techniques for valuing and pricing M&A deals, gain an understanding of financial modeling and capital structure, and explore complex organizational structures through the lens of financial accounting. The workshop also covers practical applications of financial analysis and valuation techniques.

This workshop would benefit professionals in the fields of finance, accounting, investment banking, and M&A who are involved in the valuation and pricing of M&A deals. It would also be helpful for individuals interested in gaining a deeper understanding of financial analysis and modeling techniques.

The delivery method of this online Training Workshop is as follows.

  • The workshop spans over 2 days.
  • After each lesson there is a Group Activity (Break-out Session).
  • The participants are granted access to supplementary resources like Glossary, Recommended Reading, and Syllabus.
  • The workshop material will be in English.

Workshop Overview​

 This course provides an overview of financial analysis and modeling techniques necessary for valuation and pricing of M&A deals. It covers capital structure, financial statements, ratio analysis, and practical applications of financial analysis.

Valuing and pricing M&A deals involves assessing the worth of the target company, determining the price to be paid by the acquirer, and negotiating the terms of the deal. This includes analyzing financial statements, cash flows, and market trends to determine the fair value of the target company, and assessing potential synergies and risks of the deal.

Financial modeling and capital structure refer to the process of creating mathematical models to represent financial scenarios, such as projected cash flows or the impact of a merger on financial performance. Understanding capital structure is crucial in M&A deals because it affects the cost of capital, which in turn impacts the valuation of the deal.

Understanding complex organizational structures through the lens of financial accounting involves analyzing the financial statements of both the acquirer and the target company, understanding the accounting treatment of the merger or acquisition, and assessing the impact of the deal on financial performance.

Foundational elements of financial statement and ratio analysis refer to the process of analyzing financial statements to assess the financial health of a company. This includes understanding the different financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement), calculating ratios to assess liquidity, profitability, and leverage, and identifying key financial metrics that impact valuation.

Examining practical applications of financial analysis and valuation techniques involves applying financial modeling, financial statement analysis, and valuation techniques to real-world scenarios. This includes analyzing case studies of successful and failed M&A deals, examining different valuation methodologies, and understanding how to adjust valuation techniques for specific industries or contexts.

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